Whoopsi Daisy! Progressive Delusions Exposed

The clapping seals in the View audience went wild with liberal lust when host Whoopi Goldberg lost her cool and shut down the conversation during a heated interview with conservative guest, Judge Jeanine Pirro. The sad display of intolerance may not be surprising, but did you know that Goldberg pushes the progressive agenda outside The View as well? She actually equates the struggle of transgenders and homosexuals with black people during the Civil Rights movement!

It’s a ridiculous comparison, but a few years ago, Whoopi Goldberg’s production company, One Ho Productions, produced a new reality television program called “Strut,” on the Oxygen channel. It was a failed attempt to normalize LGBTQ behavior – in this case, transgender models – and the series was cancelled after only six episodes.

So what was it about? Prior to the series premier, an Oxygen Media rep described Strut as following “a group of inspiring and resilient trailblazers who are working to change… the world around them, by simply being true to themselves.”

Notice the emphasis on being true to themselves, to their desires, to whatever they ‘feel’ is right. Man’s ways are often the opposite of God’s ways. And the Creator always knows best.

It’s still hard to believe Whoopi Goldberg actually thinks the very real civil rights struggle black people in America faced is anything remotely similar to the plight of transgender individuals. But this is how she explained it:

“It’s like everything else in the world − people weren’t ready for black people to be free from slavery; [People] weren’t ready for integration. They weren’t ready for gay people to get married. And yet, here we are. Times are moving forward.”

Okay, first, in the 1800s in America, we fought a war because we were in fact than ready for black people to be free. Over 600,000 Americans were killed in that Civil War. It was Christians who led the fight to abolish slavery.

Next, Goldberg claimed people weren’t ready for gays to get married. I have to concede her point on that one. But the reason she gave to justify unnatural, same-sex marriage is ‘times are changing.’ This is the same reason a judge in Canada recently gave to defend multiple parents of one child, and the same reason some are now using to justify pedophilia: “times are moving forward.”

Just because culture changes doesn’t mean we should deny the Ten Commandments or change our beliefs. The underlying accusation is those who disagree are backwards, and the bottom line is truth deniers no longer want any higher authority or fixed moral code.

Touting transgenderism, the executive VP of programming at Oxygen, Rod Aissa, confirmed their warped worldview when he stated:

“Our programming commitment is to showcase people on journeys to find their truth — and be their truth. This is a generation who most definitely aren’t going to be confined by yesterday’s social mores and rules.” 

What’s the underlying message? Christianity is confining, sin is liberating.

Thankfully, the public didn’t have much interest in a show intended to gain sympathy for alleged victims of a bigoted society in which transgender models try to overcome stereotypes and convince us they were born in the wrong bodies.

Much of today’s television is even worse. In fact, most entertainment falls under the category of “soul pollution.” This includes ABC’s extremely liberal View. And as for lost souls like Whoopi Goldberg, it’s clear that fame and wealth don’t guarantee happiness or satisfy the deepest need in our hearts. Pray for her to come to know the truth of Christ.

We will reap what we sow into our lives – and bad entertainment is no exception. The Bible warns us about things of this world that corrupt our minds, trigger our emotions, fill our hearts with darkness, and normalize sin.

Only you can prevent soul pollution!

*First published at Freedom Project Media


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