Hollywood, Dems Deaf to Heartbeats in the Womb

Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp, has been under pressure from the left including Hollywood celebrities and feminists because he promised to sign a bill protecting human babies when a heartbeat is detected. Then there’s Virginia Governor and supporter of infanticide, Ralph Northam who recently signed a law that would make animal cruelty a felony – just months after legalizing abortion on demand, up through the birth process. 

So, killing babies is acceptable, but harming animals is illegal. This is the moral disconnect with conscience Democrats such as Northam seem to have. Now, I don’t know anyone who supports animal cruelty, but here’s a far left Governor who seems to be out of touch with the people he represents.

More than seven thousand people descended on the Virginia State Capitol April 3 and marched for Life to stop ‘pro-abortion extremism.’ Do you think he’ll get the message?

A few states away, Georgia Governor, Republican Brian Kemp promised those who elected him that he would sign what is known as the heartbeat bill this week. Life begins at conception and a heartbeat is detected at around six weeks. The “fetal heartbeat” bill, (HB 481) sent to the governor’s desk Friday, would reduce abortions when a heartbeat is detected, and give the state one of the most restrictive laws of its kind in the nation.

But Hollywood doesn’t approve!

Struggling actress, Alyssa Milano, is leading the pack of liberal celebs using their influence to create outrage over the Georgia bill. Milano admitted that she doesn’t even live in the state, but she delivered a protest letter to the Governor’s office and pointed a finger at a state representative saying,

“These are the men that are voting on what goes on inside my uterus.”

The list of activists includes Alec Baldwin, Rosie O’Donnel, Sean Penn, Mia Farrow, and Ben Stiller.

Kemp responded by saying he’s not going to govern based on what Hollywood thinks about him. 

Meanwhile, pro-life actress Ashley Bratcher, who stars in the new film “Unplanned,” has been defending Georgia for trying to protect the unborn. The movie is doing exceptionally well despite lack of support from the liberal media, of course. She said:

“I’m incredibly proud of my home state for taking a stand in the fight for life amidst backlash and dubious threats,” 

The god of Hollywood is obviously not the one true God. Abortion is a moral issue, not just a political one, and every church should be vocal about defending life. Ashley Bratcher asked why Milano, a women’s rights activist, refuses to also speak up for the rights of the unborn woman or girl in the womb:

The extremes to which liberals are willing to stoop shouldn’t surprise us any longer.

Last month’s viral video asking the question ‘Should a Christian support the Democrat Party?’ really hit a nerve; and rightly so. Every single Democrat who voted against a recent bill that would allow care to babies born alive in botched abortions received money from Planned Parenthood.

Once again, the radicals are ignoring the will of the people. And according to a recent Marist poll, 71 percent of Americans strongly oppose abortion after 20 weeks.

Moreover, during the past decade or so, more pro-life legislators have been elected on the state level who are working to limit abortion procedures and laws. Though there’s much work to be done in the fight for life, the results are encouraging:

  • Some 27 states have enacted waiting periods
  • Another 18 mandate some kind of pre-abortion counseling
  • More than 40 states have laws limiting how far along in the pregnancy an abortion can be performed
  • Nearly 300 such measures have been passed since 2009.
  • At least eleven other states are now considering “heartbeat bills” like Mississippi, Kentucky, and Georgia.

Just last week, a federal appeals court handed pro-life groups a major victory, upholding a Kentucky law that requires abortion doctors to let women hear the unborn baby’s heartbeat and see images of the baby on an ultrasound. Studies have shown a majority of young women then change their minds and keep their baby!

Also, Ohio joined a growing group of states that have moved to cut Planned Parenthood funding after a court ruling upheld a law blocking our tax dollars to the abortion corporation. So keep encouraging our pro-life representatives and let’s vote more into office. We must protect the most vulnerable, lives formed in the image of God, and promote the value of every single human life.

Let’s also work to make abortion unthinkable as well as illegal. But above all, remember that Jesus is the only answer for a sin-stained world; hope and forgiveness are found in Him alone. People need to hear the gospel and be saved that their hardened hearts can change. Then perhaps their minds will also change about abortion. 

Video courtesy of Freedom Project Media

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