Michigan Gone Wild: Pro Abortion, Pronouns, Child Mutilation

Radical leftist Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently signed bills establishing the minimum age of consent for marriage to be 18. But she has also promoted irreversible gender “transition” procedures and abortion as she caters to the Planned Parenthood agenda.

Talking like a true feminist, Whitmer seems to believe marriage is a form of abuse, and if young women get married they may not have fulfilling careers. A fan of eugenicist and racist, Margaret Sanger no doubt. The governor also claimed one of her top priorities is to keep Michiganders safe and healthy, but these days we must define the terms.

What exactly do safe and healthy mean when they promote sexual perversion in public schools and the abortion of babies for any reason? 

For example, Planned Parenthood thrives on sexually active minors, taking innocent life, and the promotion of sexual experimentation. They have dramatically increased their business practices now to provide puberty blockers and increase the number of “gender transition” procedures. More money for them.

But it’s all about “women’s health,” they claim. 

Joshua Arnold also writes at The Washington Stand that people in the deep blue state seem to be supporting it:

“Michigan voters in 2022 approved a ballot proposal (Proposal 3) that may have enshrined gender transition procedures on children in the state constitution, argued conservative legal analyst Margot Cleveland. Ostensibly about abortion, the proposal grants “every individual” — regardless of age or parental consent — “a fundamental right to reproductive freedom … including but not limited to … sterilization … and infertility care.” The squirrelly language was “crafted by Planned Parenthood and left-wing backers,” said Cleveland.

We also know more today about puberty blockers, also known as “hormone therapy,” and that cross-sex hormones can and have caused “irreversible infertility” in countless people.

Sadly, but interestingly, we are learning about more detransitioners who have sued practitioners who performed “transition” procedures on them while they were minors.

And yet, Governor Gretchen also said she “went after those who used their power to prey on young people,” when she was a prosecutor, and claimed that as governor, she is “proud to sign legislation to strengthen protections for children…”

And yet, she not only vowed to “fight like hell” to get Proposal 3 passed, Whitmer ordered her state departments and agencies to implement it systematically and “ensure that reproductive freedom [meaning abortion “services” as well as gender “transitions” for minors] is secured” for all Michigan residents, including minors.

Whitmer has also signed legislation banning “conversion therapy” (counseling) for sexually confused and unhappy children who may be considering they are not LGBTQ after all.

But it’s not just Whitmer. Her Attorney General, Dana Nessel, has filed brief against laws protecting minors from gender transition procedures. Just last week, the Michigan Supreme Court adopted a rule requiring lawyers to refer to persons’ gender identity and preferred pronouns, instead of their real sex. 

As expected, liberals and progressives are working to make “misgendering” a punishable crime. It’s almost laughable. 

On the one hand, Michigan leaders claim they want to protect young people, but the same leaders endorse dangerous trans experiments, I mean, “procedures” for children. Really?

The article adds that the Democrat ideology ends up “locking them into a lifetime of drugs and therapy, likely including permanent infertility and sterilization, irreversible physical changes…”

Once again, what we’re seeing plague our country is an open attack on the image of God in mankind! Satan hates human life.

Those pushing the agenda of death wish to decrease (kill) the existing population and limit (prevent) future births. To them, the number of human beings is just way too high. It’s a talking point of the climate alarmists and environmental wackos. 

Tragically, too many deceived young people have had healthy organs surgically removed and many today suffer from lifelong complications. Why have we allowed this wickedness? How is this considered protecting children?

It’s not. They have redefined the terms and the meanings. Calling evil good. Haven’t they overplayed their hand? It’s not just Michigan, but the whole country, even in some red states. This delusion is colorblind and must be stopped. 

When will it reach a point where more people will not only wake up but shout, “enough!” and resist? Better yet, how long, Oh, Lord?

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