Fearing Virus, Democrat Governors Squelch Thanksgiving

Thousands of Biden supporters can crowd together to celebrate, but we’re not supposed to have Thanksgiving with our family? It’s lockdown 2.0, the holiday edition.

This time, the target is Thanksgiving holiday which is just two weeks away. But Americans who simply want to gather with family to celebrate God’s faithfulness and providence can no longer do so unrestricted.

Democrat Governors in CA, MI, WI, NY, and others have laid out some suffocating mandates and restrictions on upcoming Thanksgiving gatherings. You’re not going to believe this. Wait a minute – this is 2020. Maybe you will.

Emperor Gavin Newsome says church and Thanksgiving are not essential. The CDC suggests we avoid in-person gatherings and to celebrate virtually (online). What?

Similar to Cuomo in New York, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued rules and recommendations for residents who gather for Thanksgiving including:

•  If you get together inside, include no more than two households or 10 people.
•  Wash hands regularly and try not to share utensils.
•  Wear a mask. Take it off when you eat or drink, then put it back on.
•  Keep six feet apart as much as you can.
•  When possible, keep voices down.

WI Governor, Tony Evers signed an executive order Tuesday advising people to stay home and save lives! Fear the outside world. Be responsible and don’t kill people.  

First, Emperor Evers boasted that Wisconsin once contained the virus. It was under control, but cases are now surging. He locked-down businesses and imposed church and public restrictions including mask mandates state-wide.

My question is if masks and mandates work, why haven’t these measures been effective? I’m sure he blames it on the citizens. Or a second wave. Or that darn President who won’t leave America alone.

Apparently however, Wisconsin is in danger of reaching its highest number of cases since the spring. Evers said Tuesday,

“Each day this virus goes unchecked is a setback for our economic recovery; Our bars, restaurants, small businesses, families and farmers will continue to suffer if we don’t take action right now.”

Unchecked? This is confusing since action was taken but apparently, it didn’t work. But let’s move on.

The CDC said that celebrating Thanksgiving is risky, especially with people of other households or with college students returning home. The safest thing to do is celebrate only with members of your own household.

But they didn’t stop there. The health agency also suggests having gatherings mostly outside, encourages masks and of course, social distancing. Oh – and guests should bring their own food!

Even Californians may be starting to realize elections have consequences. It’s bad enough the Democrat-dominated state government discriminates against churches and places of worship, now they released concerning restrictions on Thanksgiving.

The California Department of Public Health mandates homes and families, stating that “all persons planning to host or participate in a private gathering” must comply. To what, you ask?

Check out some of Emperor Newsome’s mandatory Thanksgiving restrictions:

  • No more than three households are permitted, including hosts and guests. 
  • The host should collect names of all attendees and contact information in case the state or local county wants to contact trace the guests later.
  • Thanksgiving must be held outside.
  • Food or beverages must be in single-serve disposable containers and those serving food must be in masks.
  • The gathering may only be two hours or less. 
  • Attendees may briefly go inside to use restrooms if the facilities are frequently sanitized.

So what do you think, friends? Expect more governors and mayors, primarily in blue states to make similar declarations. It’s par for the course as we watch the this year’s Marxist revolution play out on our streets, cities, and country.

About California’s restrictions, Liberty Counsel Founder, Mat Staver said:

“The same Gov. Gavin Newsom that has encouraged thousands of total strangers to protest together in the streets, now wants to impede upon the freedom of families and friends to enjoy their Thanksgiving holiday. For some families, Thanksgiving will not include grandma and the children or siblings.

Imagine family members traveling for hours only to be restricted to a two-hour outdoor gathering without physical contact! What if the weather is too hot or cold or it rains? For Gov. Newsom to think he has authority to micromanage a private family Thanksgiving dinner is the height of hubris. These restrictions are ludicrous.”

We’re talking about the United States of America here. What happened to us and how are so many people putting up with these power plays in states across the country?

What would our great grandparents think? What would our Founding Fathers think? I think we have an idea.

The danger is to say this restriction of freedoms couldn’t happen to you. As we said last week, this country has changed, politics and power structures have changed in part because the people have not held their government accountable.

We’ve said it before, and this goes for senators, presidents, mayors, and governors. In the late 1800s, President James Garfield once stated:

“Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption.”

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Yes, the coronavirus virus is real. People have died from it. But understand the many things people die from – and in far greater numbers.

Facts are funny things. They don’t lie. People do. Question everything the Democrat media reports. Look for missing context, percentages, and overall perspective. The numbers and the panic have been manufactured for political purposes.

Be safe, yes, but for now, it’s a season to be grateful to God for His blessings. So have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Video courtesy of Freedom Project Media

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