Intimidation Tactics: Anti-Police Agenda, BLM Lies

In a matter of months, we’ve gone from ‘Defund the police’ to ‘Attack the police.’ A few months back, LeBron James said black people were literally being hunted down every time they leave their homes. But who’s really being hunted?

Saturday night, two more police officers were ambushed and shot while sitting in their squad car; one shot in the face, the other in the head, in Compton, California. More on this in a minute.

There are approximately 700,000 full-time, law enforcement officers in the U.S. With that large a number, you’d think dead bodies would be piled in the streets – if we believed the Democrat media and Black Lives Matter talking points. So, do you really want the facts or does truth not matter anymore?

Did you know that on average, once a week a police officer is killed in the U.S. due to the felony actions of a suspected criminal? Did you know a total of ten unarmed black men were shot last year (ten) and five of them attacked police first? And did you know that 43 law enforcement officers have been killed so far in 2020 alone?

Like many of you, I’m disgusted by the anti-police movement and lawlessness allowed in our country. What’s worse is the complete disrespect for life as bystanders posted videos of the shooting and laughed at the officers suffering from gunshot wounds. One victim is 24, the other 31, a mother with a six-year-old at home.

Attempted murder is now being celebrated in some of our streets.

According to reports, shortly after the two officers were shot, the ambulance could hardly get into the hospital because protesters were sent there to block the entrance.  Callous maniacs outside the hospital are on video yelling “we hope they die”! Sound familiar? Four years ago, Black lives matter protesters shouted “what do we want? Dead cops.” And, “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.”

Are we surprised by this? Even an NPR reporter was among those protesting and arrested for interfering with police outside the hospital. This atmosphere was created by the left which includes billionaires funding the rebellion, the complicit media, and celebrities, all part-of or supporting the Democrat Party.

Conservative commentator, Candace Owens called out LeBron James and BLM for the anti-cop rhetoric immediately after the L.A. sheriff ambush. Owens Tweeted:

“Why does this happen? Because pea-brained celebrities that are idolized like @KingJames telling young black men that they are “literally being hunted”. This is the natural result of such hyperbolic, dishonest rhetoric.”

Many anarchists, globalists, and progressives have been stoking this fire and as a result, law enforcement are being lied about, attacked, and injured. Why do Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refuse to denounce the violence and attacks against police in cities across the country? You know why.

Heck, Biden and Harris are even helping get rioters, vandals – you know, peaceful protesters – out of jail by raising money to pay their bail and fines. So once again, let’s point out the ongoing hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter and the Democrat Party.

Over the past weekend in Chicago, 54 people were shot, 12 killed in Mayor Lightfoot’s crime-plagued city. If we do the math, this means more people were killed in Chicago – in one weekend and most of them, black – than all unarmed black males combined in all of 2019.

Yet, police have been shot at 55 times in Chicago alone this year; that’s 500 times more than any year on record. I wonder what’s provoking this drastic increase. In Mayor Young’s Baltimore, 50 people were shot, 15 fatally, last week.

But where’s the media? Crickets. Need more proof this is a politically-driven farce intimidating people and wreaking havoc on their lives? In one survey, 81% of black people do want police in their neighborhoods but guess what? Black police chiefs have resigned in several cities because of Democrat support for lawlessness and chaos.

So Sunday in Lancaster, PA, a video appears of police responding to a 911 call and a suspect charges them waving a large knife. He was shot, and Black Lives Matter activists have been sent in to loot, destroy property, and attack the police station. There have been fires, bricks thrown through windows and typical Democrat-approved chaos.

Please understand. I saw the video. It clearly shows a male suspect, identified as Ricardo Munoz, barreling out of a front door with a knife raised over his head before being shot and killed. It was clearly self-defense. But apparently, police no longer have the right to defend themselves. For the record, last year Munoz was charged with four counts of aggravated assault in another stabling that left four victims injured.

So what do most Americans think of the endless virtue signaling and protesting? We may not find out fully until the presidential election in six weeks, but if I were to go out on a limb I’d say most people are fed up with the lies, divisiveness, exaggerations, the rewriting of history, and the biased liberal media activists.

One indication might be the free-falling TV ratings of the NBA and NFL due to their politically correct protesting. NBC’s Sunday Night Football ratings crashed nearly 30% for opening weekend.

This hate-filled, divisive, intolerant environment is not what a majority of American citizens approve of nor did we create it. It’s the enemies of God. They’ve implemented this agenda in efforts to force change but we still have a free republic and we still have a say by voting on November 3.

Darkness is increasing, and if you’re a Christian, then let’s do our best to shine the light of Christ and expose the darkness. Signs indicate we may be running out of time.

In the Gospels, Jesus told His followers to not let their hearts be troubled, and He described characteristics of the end times and said:

 And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. 13 But the one who endures to the end will be saved. (Matt. 24:12-13)

Don’t allow your love to grow cold! If God be for us, who can be against us? (Rom. 8:31)

Trust in God, refuse fear and live by faith as we work and wait for our blessed hope, the return of Christ. It’s closer than you think.

Video courtesy of Freedom Project Media

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