It’s Open Season On Christians and Life

What do Hollywood, Lady Gaga, Andrew Cuomo, the Democrat Party, the mainstream media, and the LGBTQ lobby all have in common? Intolerance toward Jesus Christ and people who believe the Bible. It’s open season on Christians and human life in the womb. 

What is God’s view of human life? He created each one of us, knew us before we were even born, and knit us together in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13-16). And get this: in the Bible, a pregnant woman is even referred to as being “with child.” 

Last week, on the anniversary of Roe V. Wade, New York Democrats cheered with glee as godless Governor, Andrew Cuomo signed the “Reproductive Health Act” which legalizes the slaughter of babies in the womb at any stage of development. New York was already the abortion capital of America, killing babies at twice the national average. 

But they had to take blood lust a step further. Now, a viable preborn baby can be terminated as deemed necessary to protect a patient’s physical or mental health. These are the same people opposing immigration policy. 

Author and blogger, Matt Walsh commented: 

“Please don’t complain about deporting children if you support murdering them… You are standing on a mountain of dead kids while you sermonize about being compassionate to kids.”

Gov. Cuomo’s abortion on demand act makes three big changes to NY abortion laws: any abortion is now solely a matter of health-care law; the bill allows nurse practitioners, assistants, and midwives to perform abortions; and also allows health-care providers to use their “reasonable and good faith professional judgment” in deciding whether to conduct late-term abortions. 

But what seems to have gone under the radar are other bills signed by the NY Governor including one that would make it illegal to “discriminate” against LGBTQ individuals. It goes without saying that any discrimination on the basis of sex, race, or religion is wrong. But discrimination based on selected gender identity is now a criminal act in New York, and offenders will be guilty of a hate crime. 

Make no mistake, the fight isn’t over so-called “equal rights.” What’s now being demanded are special rights, and at the same time the denial of free speech rights for Christians and others who oppose the LGBTQ agenda. 

The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) adds “gender identity and expression” to existing legal protections against discrimination in housing and employment, which sounds reasonable – until you look at how broad the scope is and the fact that religious freedoms now take a back seat to these new transgender “rights.” 

And another thing: don’t even think about counseling a sexually confused child, because a separate NY bill prohibits mental health professionals from helping turn children from homosexuality and transgenderism. But – the same bill does not apply when it comes to converting or counseling heterosexual kids to accept and support LGBTQ indoctrination and lifestyles. 

Bragging that New York was one of the first states to pass a law legalizing same-sex “marriage,” Cuomo said:

“There is no state that has been more aggressive in advocating and achieving rights and acceptance for the LGBTQ community… This is New York at its best.”

Next, liberals attacked Vice President Mike Pence because of his faith – again. This time, they’re appalled that his wife, Karen Pence volunteers at a Christian school! The New York Times is even looking to dig up dirt on Christian schools in general in order to do another hit piece. 

We’ve also seen the blatant attacks on March for Life participants who happen to be teenage Catholic boys when they were the ones being harassed by activists spewing racist and homophobic slurs. Some of the boys wore MAGA hats which triggers the hostility of hypocrites claiming to be the tolerant ones. 

Then there’s Lady Gaga – who auctioned off an autographed guitar to raise money for Planned Parenthood – who professes to be Christian. Who knew? She also trashed Mike Pence saying he is “the worst representation of what it means to be a Christian.” 

This from a woman who promotes perversion and promiscuity and who has admitted to being possessed by a spirit, and that Satan speaks to her through dreams. 

Concert fans wildly cheered their role model for speaking up and telling people what she stands for. But when Mike Pence or other Christians speak up, shame on you, that’s bigotry. Confused? This is the new one-way tolerance. It’s all about emotion and of course, sexual freedom with no restraints. 

But don’t miss the point: anyone who believes the Bible is God’s Word and follows its teachings against sexual immorality must be shunned or silenced. Gaga and the modern gay church say “everybody is welcome in Christianity,” which is what lots of folks think. But by “welcome” they mean sinful behavior is acceptable. 

Let’s be clear: she’s not describing a true, biblical church; she’s describing a bar or nightclub. Tragically, even in the American church, today’s trend seems to be ‘live your best life now’ and to ‘cater to self;’ but Jesus said to His followers, “deny yourself.” We are supposed to “bear fruit in keeping with repentance,” resist conforming to this world, and be changed by the renewing of our minds. 

Gaga’s theology makes no call for moral or spiritual change. The cult of Cuomo encourages women to sacrifice their own offspring on the altar of convenience. The LGBTQ mob only calls for tolerance of their views while generally silencing the views of those who disagree. 

We’re not expecting immoral people to live by what the Bible teaches, nor do we want to force them to believe. But there is only one way of salvation and we do have good news for the poor in spirit, a message of hope for the hopeless and eternal life for the lost. 

Yes we call out hypocrisy, but regardless of the treatment of Christians, we have a higher calling and our purpose remains the same: keep following Jesus and be light in the darkness. 

*originally published by Freedom Project Media

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