Humanists Take Veterans ‘Peace Cross’ Hostage

Disrespecting our military, families of veterans, as well as our religious freedoms, the American Humanist Association is suing to take down a memorial in Bladensburg, Maryland, because a few people claim to be offended by the Christian symbol of the cross.

Last Sunday was Veterans Day on the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, and many citizens rallied in support of the Peace Cross memorial which has stood for more than eight decades. It lists the names of forty-nine men from Prince George Country who died serving their country.

What’s next? Will they sue to force people to chisel crosses and stars off of grave stones?

Purple Heart and Silver Star recipient, Jake Hill was wounded in action while serving in Afghanistan from 2008-2013 and is a lance corporal in the Marine Corps. When he heard about this case, he stated:

 “Americans of all faith backgrounds should be outraged,”

Also commenting on the Peace Cross memorial, another veteran, Matthew Collins weighed in, saying:

“I hope that in the future, a revisionist will not take such liberties with my generation’s legacy — or see such a harmless and sincere profession of faith and remembrance as an attack,”

The atheists are also protesting government maintenance of the monument, claiming that violates the First Amendment. One of them said that by allowing the cross – which has been there for over 80 years – it gives the impression that “Bladensburg is some kind of Christian enclave,”

Another veteran, sixty-four year old, Phillip Wright, served in the Army for more than 31 years including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving the Army as a full colonel. Wright is now executive director of Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, and says the Humanist position is one of outright hostility to religious faith, and this lawsuit ignores not only the history of America but the bravery that service members ought to be remembered for.

His organization endorses more than two-thirds of the 55,000 military chaplains serving in the U.S. armed forces, and works to ensure that all who serve in the military may “exercise their religious faith without punishment or fear.”

There are also nearly 2 million members of the American Legion who are bothered by this ridiculous assault on our liberties. So, how many actual residents of Bladensburg joined the American Humanist lawsuit? Three.

This is why the appointment of judges is so important. Radical activists in the extreme minority have used the courts to control the majority for decades. 

Many cemeteries across the U.S. would be unconstitutional if the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment did prohibit the expression or use of religious objects, words, or signage. What the Constitution does prohibit is the federal government from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion;”

One of the 4th circuit judges, a Barack Obama appointee by the way, ruled against the cross and apparently advised to either tear it down or take the arms off the cross. Really?

Sadly, these God-haters are missing the point – and dishonoring their fellow citizens in the process.

Thankfully, it was announced last week this will be just one of the important cases Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court will hear and decide.

It’s not surprising some people are offended by the cross. That however, doesn’t change its meaning or what occurred there historically in 33 A.D. when the Lord Jesus Christ gave Himself for the sins of the world, bridging the gap between a holy God and sinful man.

The message of the cross is foolishness to those who reject the sacrifice of Jesus. But to those who believe and have been forgiven of our sins, we are saved from God’s judgment, and to us, the cross is the power of God. (1 Corinthians 1:18)

*Article originally published by Freedom Project.

*Featured photo (peace cross): ACLJ

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