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At a time when truth is being denied, hated, rejected, and reinterpreted, many are falling for the deception. Irreparable damage has been done to the foundations America was built upon. We now live in a culture that has embraced moral relativism, a generation that no longer believes truth can be known. Right and wrong, good and evil are measured by feelings and opinions. It is all part of a satanic delusion and much is at stake. Redefining Truth provides answers and biblical perspective to the most pressing issues in today’s postmodern society.


“This book will both disturb and comfort those who read it. As Fiorazo documents the multitude of assaults against truth which are gaining traction in our world, the reader will most likely teeter on the brink of despair.  But as the author reminds us of the unchangeable, ever enduring, all sufficient Word of God, which contains the truth that liberates both now and eternally, faith will be strengthened and hope embraced.”
– Gary E. Gilley, Pastor-teacher, Southern View Chapel, Springfield, Illinois; Director, Think on These Things Ministries

“The title of David Fiorazo’s important new book, Redefining Truth, illustrates how modern culture has lost its way. The eternal and essential truths of biblical revelation cannot be redefined, they shine forth as clear beacons for those with eyes to see. Rather, it is secular, postmodern culture that deconstructs truth, shrouding the world in ever-encroaching moral and spiritual darkness. With great lucidity, Fiorazo illuminates the path by which the shadows of materialism and relativism seek to obscure truth, and then reorients the reader back to the unerring light of God’s word. This engaging and well-written book offers something for readers of all ages and faith backgrounds, providing much more than a candle’s worth of hope and inspiration for a culture all too eager to embrace the dark.”
– Dr. Duke Pesta, Academic Director, Freedom Project Academy 

“The western world as a whole and the U.S. in particular have lost their moral compass and their Judeo Christian foundation. As a result, this has produced a very confused and conflicting culture that is getting further away from God’s Word and His standard. David Fiorazo has a clear understanding of the issues our nation and churches face. He has addressed these issues in a biblical and thoughtful way that will help the reader make sense of a confusing world. David is a talented writer and this book will be beneficial resource and a call to action for everyone, especially the Christian.”
– Elijah Abraham, Founder of Living Oasis Ministries

“Can the truth still make us free? Of course it can, and David Fiorazo’s compelling new book helps us apply the unchanging foundation of God’s word to our present cultural warfare, and then share it with those who are blinded by today’s glittering yet deceptive climate. Articulate and insightful as always, David has given us yet another powerful resource and apologetic tool. Every Christian needs to read this book and share with at least five friends!”
– Linda Harvey, President, Mission America; Columnist; Author; Radio Host

David Fiorazo, one of the most brilliant author’s I know, is notably humble yet intensely bold in raising a standard for biblical truth in a post-modern culture. I am confident that this book, Redefining Truth, will play a profound part in helping the reader discern God’s truth while defining the foundation of the gospel that saves us!
– Cindy Hartline, Host, Love For The Truth Radio Philadelphia

“I count David as a dear friend and brother in Christ. His passion for biblical truth is contagious. His sincere heart and genuine concern for the state of the church in these end times is met with a compassion that is disarming, allowing the message to be heard and, more importantly, taken to heart. We can all learn much from David’s eagerness to get back to the scriptures and live without compromise.”
–Tony Palacio, Good Fight Ministries 


Table of Contents – REDEFINING TRUTH

  1. Truth or Consequences
  2. How the Enemy Advances
  3. One-way Tolerance & The Transgender Agenda
  4. Truth & Facts Don’t Care about Feelings & Trends
  5. Lies of the Left: Pelosi Politics
  6. Relativism in the Church
  7. Israel’s True Prophetic History
  8. Fighting for Religious Freedom
  9. Can Natural Marriage Be Saved?
  10. The Real War on Women: Lies about Life
  11. Entertaining Demons in America
  12. Seduced by Scientology
  13. Atheism, Gnosticism, New Age, and Wicca
  14. Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses & More Truth about False Religions
  15. What About Mormons and Roman Catholicism?
  16. That’s a Wrap!

*   *  *  *   *   *   *   *

While you’re here, check out THE COST OF OUR SILENCE: The Consequences of Christians Taking the Path of Least Resistance

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the darkness and moral decline in society and wonder what happened to the salt and light? There are consequences when Christians back out of culture, and America is suffering the affects of decades of immorality. Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.”

Author David Fiorazo says, as Christians go, so goes America:

Christian in name only, America has become an epicenter for the culture war as too many of us keep ducking the issue of sin. Due to decades of Christians being silent, failing to preach the gospel and speak the truth in love, we’ve reached a tipping point in which Political Correctness refuses to coexist with religious freedom. Why do you think Christians who defend God’s Word are often called hateful, intolerant, or judgmental? There are consequences in this life and for eternity, when Christians take the path of least resistance. We cannot reverse the moral decline, but we can choose to stand for righteousness as we pray for revival, and be the salt and light Jesus called us to be while we’re still here.

The truth is – silence never saved anybody. Rather than retreat and hide the light of Christ, we must stand up and fight the good fight of faith and bear fruit that will last. If most Christians remain silent, fewer people will be saved, society will continue its collapse, and the church will be part of the problem instead of a preserving influence.

Too many “professing” believers seem more comfortable blending in with the world rather than being set apart from it, and our apathy is killing us! In the last hundred years in America, we have not only invited evil in, we often justify it. Rather than resist the sin that used to repulse us and cause us deep remorse, we have gotten used to it and therefore, many have conformed to this world. Meanwhile, Jesus Christ is standing outside knocking on the door of a wayward, lukewarm church, hoping we will welcome Him back in before it’s too late. God is looking for watchmen as well as a fruit-bearing church. Are we willing to get out of our comfort zones, take a risk by boldly living our faith, and trust Him with the results? If not you and I, who will?

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