David Fiorazo has an uncompromising, hard-hitting writing style overflowing with compassion for all people, and his perspective is soundly based upon the truth of God’s Word. His sense of urgency to warn the church about our silence cannot be overstated. He is one of my most articulate radio guests. I consider him one of the best “watchmen on the wall” sounding alarms today. –Jan Markell, Founder of Olive Tree Ministries

The Cost of Our Silence should be required reading for high school and college students, professing Christians, and perhaps most importantly, our pastors and church leaders. This book will open people’s eyes and motivate them to action.” -Rob Pue, Publisher, Wisconsin Christian News

“David Fiorazo is an eloquent and excellent writer, challenging Christians to speak out and take action against the growing secular culture infiltrating our nation. His new book, The Cost of Our Silence, builds to a powerful conclusion and is a clarion call to all those concerned about the direction of our nation as well as the church in America.” -Mike LeMay, Stand Up for the Truth         

“I appreciate David Fiorazo’s thoughtful and passionate analysis concerning the moral and spiritual decline facing Believers today. While many in the Church waver under the pressures of secularism and unbiblical thinking, David is counted among the clear voices enunciating God’s truth in these troubling times.” – Eric Barger, Take A Stand Ministries

“We live in dark times disguised as enlightenment. David Fiorazo not only accurately identifies the reality of the underlying problem, he also gives his audience real hope in a world filled with false hopes. David is a modern day Voice in the Wilderness.” -Dr. James D. Langteau, Director of SE Asia, Wycliffe Associates

“David Fiorazo lives his faith. His new book communicates Biblical truth with an uncompromising passion, and takes aim at the many “professing” Christians who refuse to acknowledge or oppose the evils ravaging society – and the church – in America today. A MUST READ. “ – Alan Scholl, Executive Director, Freedom Project Education 

“David Fiorazo is a rare and refreshing voice for truth in an age of apostasy and deceit.” –Joe Schimmel, Good Fight Ministries

“Wake up Christians! I believe our founding fathers would roll over in their graves if they could see how the silence and apathy of the Christian community today has allowed the liberal agenda to take hold throughout our entire system. If Christians continue down this path of least resistance, it won’t be long before we become an enemy of the state and our views will be seen intolerant, bigoted hate speech…”

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  • “A wealth of information!” Mr Fiorazo does an excellent job at showing the reader how we as Christians as a whole have dropped the ball and what it has led to. His book is a wealth of information with many footnotes, so its backed by good research, but more importantly relevant scripture from God’s word. It is one of those books that I have taken out my highlighter and put little tabs in for quick references. Fiorazo gets to the core of why we are in this predicament… and what it looks like to engage our culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ which can change the individual, a culture, and then a nation.
  • “Five Stars!” Amazing book!
  • “The Cost of Our Silence by David Fiorazo is a Real Eye Opener” As you watch our society lose its moral compass at an alarming pace, many of us Christians wonder how this happened, how have we fallen so far from the original intent of our founders? …What I found very interesting is there have always, even from the creation of our nation, been people that wanted to eliminate Christianity from the public arena… David has done a great job in referencing all of his work. The book is not just an opinion piece; he has foot notes for all of the references that he uses to make the case. I learned several things that I was unaware of… this explains why there is such a divide in our denominations, so deep in fact, we can no longer even all agree that The Holy Bible is the inerrant word of God! I would recommend this book to every Christian… Read more:
  •  “Great, Inspiring Book!” This is a very well written, interesting book. David Fiorazo writes in great detail (and with much obvious research) about the Spiritual Foundation of our Country and then how the moral decline has happened. He speaks with great detail about some of the national sins of our day such as abortion, the war on God ordained marriage, the ruining of education and much more. He points out our need to regularly be looking into God’s word for truth and then courageously sharing that truth with others. This book covers many hard and difficult subjects but David shares details about them in a way that doesn’t leave us feeling overwhelmed but rather inspired to go out and show others the right way. To be a little braver in spreading the gospel. I really, really enjoyed this book!
  •  “Must read!” This is the first book I have read by David Fiorazo but I will be reading more. It is backed up with facts and scripture. It offer truth mixed with love. Highly recommended.
  • “Wake Up Call for Today’s Christians” The Cost of Our Silence: Consequences of Christians Taking the Path of Least Resistance” came along at just the right time for me. I received it right about the time the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. I was so upset by that ruling. Not because I’m “hateful” or “intolerant.” It’s just that it feels so … wrong … upside-down … for our world to be not just allowing, but celebrating something God has called sin. That’s what David Fiorazo feels like, too, and on a whole host of issues in our culture today. Reading his book is like getting together for lunch with a smart friend and discussing the issues of the day. The book is full of examples that will make your blood boil, and also scriptures backing up his words. Read more:
  • “A Comprehensive Indictment Of Contemporary Culture” At 300 pages of bold and blunt and courageous writing, there is a lot to praise about this book. It is a stirring call to arms for self-avowed Fundamentalists willing to consider liberalism a cult and to excoriate lukewarm congregations for putting up with lukewarm ministers more interested in preserving 501c(3) status and treating church like a corporation than with preaching the word of God as it relates to moral evils. The book is detailed and takes no prisoners in its approach–it shows a wide degree of discussions in everything from the long train of judicial tyranny to discussions about Common Core education, abortion, gay marriage (and this before the court’s recent decision), and has a wide historical scope. The author is clearly both passionate about the need for general societal repentance in order to escape divine justice, and has a firm commitment to encouraging Christians to be in the world but not of it. Read more:
  • “I could not put this book down.” I, like many of you, can see that Christianity has had battles with many entities trying to disband its beliefs and founding structure. However, this is nothing new and will continue to occur unless Christians stand together and know all the power they have in keeping Christianity functioning. Which is why The Cost of Our Silence: Consequences of Christians Taking the Path of Least Resistance by David Fiorazo is completely and totally relevant to all Christian believers of the world. Fiorazo not only states what should be fact he also backs up every single word with exceptional research. I know that this book sounds like it could be a bit heavy to read but it is worth its weight in gold. I devoured each page for all of its valuable lessons and I could not put this book down, it was eye opening, mind blowingly fantastic. The time to change is now and it can be done. A must read.
  • “Excellent read in these last days!” This book is well written and thoroughly researched. It is very convicting. All American Christians need to read this book.

The Cost of our Silence


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