Eradicate Reviews

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1.  “In Eradicate: Blotting Out God In America author, David Fiorazo, takes on the big issues of decline in our current civilization from the corruption of a Christian worldview to its effect on our government, education, media and even the unassuming believer. Fiorazo tackles issues like abortion and homosexuality which the church has been afraid to confront. He also creates a wake up call for the church by exposing false teachers who have strayed from the Word.

He isn’t afraid to take on pop culture icons like Oprah, Obama and Osteen either. His book is a radical, daring expose of all that is wrong with our country, shining a spotlight on the areas where the church has grown quiet. After informing themselves on the state of this land, readers have some immediate soul searching to do. Information is only power when you act on what you know. This book is intended to stir action.

Readers will find thorough research, exceptional references and shocking quotes all sited impeccably and easily verifiable. The facts cannot be ignored. It’s time this generation rose up from its slumber and took the eraser back from the forces in power before they blot out God entirely.” (July 1, 2013)

2.  “Wish I was able to put this book into the hands of every person I know and even those I don’t! We need the kind of awakening that I got from reading your book! I don’t think people begin to know what’s really going on in America!”

3.  “This book is a must read for every Christian, we must read more of the “world view” type books to keep us informed about what is going on in our society today. We as Christians must keep informed and I feel that this book is a great resource for any library.”

“This isn’t some little book, at 368 pages, it will take some time, but it is well written and hard hitting. It is easy to read and keeps you captivated. As parents, we are warned, that if we aren’t educating our children, the world will gladly take on the role of educator for us. David Fiorazo shares his view that parents and the church should be doing a much better job of educating and equipping the body of Christ to have the courage of the early followers of Christ. And yes, the media has influenced our belief system which has caused Americans to become susceptible to what they read and watch. They have become a very lazy society.”  5-8-13

4.  “What a fearsome thought runs through my mind when I think of the title of David Fiorazo’s book Eradicate: Blotting Out God In America! It should strike fear in the heart of every born-again man, woman, and child and also in the heart of those who are not but who are morally upright, good people.

Can you imagine what America would be like without God? Without the influence of God’s people? Without the influence of godly morals? Believe it or not it seems that very scenario is fast approaching us from sea to shining sea and from the North to the South and encompassing every corner of our existence.

Having lived beyond my allotted three-score and ten, I have seen much of what Mr. Fiorazo speaks and he documents it very expertly. I was not aware, though, that even before I was born or my parents were born that movements were afoot to lay the groundwork for the abortion movement, for the removal of God and His Word from the school house, and the complete revolutionization of the political framework that makes America “American.”

I can confirm, though, that just as Mr. Fiorazo so astutely records, the 1960s brought about drastic change and society continued to spiral downward and unfailingly to the abyss that we now see. But the question was raised, “Where were the Christians? They failed to stop the process to eradicate God in the public arena, in the school house, and even in the ‘House of God.'” But I assure you, the Christians have been there but there were just not enough involved. Today there are still strong Christian groups trying to stay the tide of destruction of that which we hold near and dear to our hearts – a God-fearing America!

Mr. Fiorazo is not a timid writer. He clearly and definitively speaks to the issues and the details of the downfall. He tells it as it is – quotes people, names people and places and organizations. He does not hold back because of fear of reprisal. He is bold in his address of events and issues and the people who are the cause and advocates. Adults need to read this book. It needs to be discussed with high school students about to launch into the adult world where they will become the leaders of the future. But I caution, there is at least one chapter that has very strong language and references.

The book deals with history and the present movement right up to the 2012 Presidential election. But the information it contains will not become outdated because the references will be a great resource concisely taking you down the timeline recording the process of downfall.

One short-coming I felt the book has is a means of research or finding material if one so chooses to reference it at some point. I can see the need for a comprehensive index at the end with page numbers for each appearance of an event, organization, individual, etc. This would make this book invaluable for study or future reference. I would strongly encourage the author to pursue this for subsequent editions of this book. If such is already available, perhaps it can be posted on the author’s website for downloading.”  2-10-13

5.  “I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It shook me up, made me think and helped me to stop being complacent about my own Christianity. I think this book is well researched and written from the heart with a sincere hope that Americans will let God into their hearts and country again!”  2-4-13

6.  “Have you noticed a change in how Christianity is treated by the general public, and how it is portrayed in the media? Does it seem to have gone from a trusted group to one that is on the fringe of reality. David Fiorazo looks into this in his book, Eradicate: Blotting God Out in America.

Fiorazo takes a look back at events from the history of America, beginning with the Founding Fathers and going through today. He gives insight into what was the driving force behind forming a new country, and why one should even bother to know about the history of America and its foundations. Fiorazo then tells about events that have pushed God out of America, or made fun of Him and those who trust in Him. Abortion, politics, media and several others are examined. Where and when the changes occurred, and how they affected the role of God are looked at.

Many people who write on this topic just rant and rave about “heathens” turning away from God, but Fiorazo lays the blame, not on those who made changes, but on the Christians who stood silent. We should have spoken up, and still need to speak up. Yes, there are people who make it their mission to keep God and Jesus our of everything, but we do not have to sit on the sidelines. What I like is that David Fiorazo does not tiptoe around the problems, or the causes; he tells it in a straight forward way.”  2-5-13

7.  “I bought this book right before the 2012 election and was so caught up in all of that, I hadn’t picked up the book to read it. Then my candidate didn’t win. I was extremely disappointed. It took a bit for me to crawl out of my hole and pick up the book again. I’ll tell you this. Mr. Fiorazo has done his homework. This book is insightful and interesting. He is a brilliant and engaging writer. I would recommend this book to as many people as I know!!! I’ve also purchased some as gifts, I feel that strongly that this message needs to be heard!!”  2-5-13

8.  “So I finally started reading Eradicate, and WOW! This book is chock full of knowledge, facts & insight. And with each chapter being on a different topic, it is holding my attention well. (that’s a huge compliment because I don’t read & find most books bore me. So good job!) This is a well written book. You’ve realllllly done your research!”  1-18-2013

9.  “ERADICATE has caused me to pause, pray about my beliefs, draw closer to the Lord in the decisions I make … Very thought provoking, very necessary.”

10.  “I read this book with only one expectation. I prayed that God would use it in my life and in His Church to awaken us to an understanding of His instructions for such a time as this. The book delivers! Portions of this book were not surprising to me – however, there was much that was extremely eye-opening. David highlighted research that exposed facts about the level of depravity in the world, which has for the most part gone unnoticed by the masses. The presentation of those facts was well expressed and cannot be dismissed once you have read it. As they say – once you have seen, you can’t unsee and once you have heard, you can’t unhear!

Church – please wake up and see and hear! This book should shake us as individuals and as the Church body, out of any complacency we may still be holding onto. My experience when reading this book, included a mixture of responses such as…intrigue, surprise, fascination, mourning, deep sadness and yet also – a stirring of compassion for those who are lost in the bondage of the evil described.

As I was going through each chapter…I found myself asking God to show me (and all of us) what He wants from us. Because after all – what would be the point of writing about all of this, if there was no purpose in it for bringing glory to God? The author spent much time explaining the darkness and I believe it was very necessary to do so. So many among us still want to hide from the fact that this is indeed the world we live in. But we cannot hide any longer! It’s true and it’s ugly and it’s battle. But thanks be to God that there is also and most importantly, something beautiful and glorious on the horizon. Good News indeed. And even though a greater portion of time was spent in this book describing the darkness – the author followed a Biblical model in using that approach to point us to the light.

David did his best to point us to the Gospel and I want to commend him greatly for doing so! Aside from the Gospel – there is no power to affect this world or it’s people. This is what brings glory to the Father…when in obedience to Him, we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to passionately and deliberately share the saving grace of Jesus! That was the call of this book! I pray that through this book…we might accept the challenge of the author to recognize our condition and that of the world…moving us into action that starts with fervent prayers to be the salt, light, witnesses, ambassadors, soldiers and servants that the Christ life commands.”

11.  “This book is a very eye opening book about America’s fall. It is astonishing to see the corruption in our society from where we were just a decade or two ago. This book covers a wide variety of areas where our culture has allowed sin to blind us to the negative changes that are happening right before our eyes. It is a must read for anyone wanting to see where our society is headed and be reminded about where we came from.”

12.  “I found Eradicate, Blotting out God in America to be both relieving and grieving at the same time. I was relieved that someone was willing to speak truth despite what others think and yet grieved as I think how far we (the church and the nation) have declined over the years. This book is well researched and holds compelling, factual information that many people will find shocking or perhaps unbelievable.
The very first chapter entitled Why Truth Matters is foundational to the entire book. “Try defining truth apart from God or without universal absolutes and see where that gets you.” (page 16) We are now taught that truth is relative. What is true for you is not necessary true for me. While it’s true that each of us has our own unique tastes and preferences, we cannot define morality this way. We cannot make up “truth” to suit our own lifestyle or feelings.
To those who have not trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, I can only imagine that some will find this book to be foolish. But to those of us who have made Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, this book is a grim reality of what has happened right underneath our noses and where we are headed. II Cor 2:16 (NLT) says: “To those who are perishing, we are a dreadful smell of death and doom. But to those who are being saved, we are a life-giving perfume….” How is it possible that the exact same message can seem like death to one and life to another? This is far beyond the scope of taste and preference. Truth is one of the very things we are told in Ephesians 6 to use in Spiritual battle.

All of the chapters in this book involve a Spiritual implication. Some of the more compelling chapters to me (and heated Spiritual battles) were chapter 4 entitled Planned Parenthood’s Buried History, chapter 8 entitled Normalizing Homosexuality, and chapter 12 entitled Emerging into Confusion. All three topics involve mass confusion and lies that millions of people have bought into and continue to do so. All three topics are extremely relevant to today’s world. The “emergent church” is alive and well in our nation (and all over the world) and its poison is infecting more and more Christians every day. People you least expect are buying into ideas that are in essence lies packaged in flashy, vibrant, “new” colors.
What I love most about Eradicate, is that it ultimately points people back to the source of truth which is the Word of God. The author does not present his own opinions but rather uses raw facts of what is happening (or has happened) in our nation as compared to the Word of God.
I would challenge anyone who is seeking truth to read this book and be prepared to be uncomfortable. The discomfort you feel now however, will have far greater Spiritual implications and could very well be one tool in pointing you to the narrow way that few find (Matt 7:14).”

13.  “In David’s own words ‘People of deep faith ventured to this land to start a new life, one independent of government and free of its control. Christians once permeated every aspect of American culture, from academia and the arts to politics and the press.’ So how did we get to where we are today? The sometimes slow progression of our culture to an ungodly future has sped up in recent years. We need to understand how this is happening in order stop it.”

14.  “Fascinating, Engaging, and Inspiring” – David sincerely wants others to discover where the bleeding began. His passion to share the truth spills out onto the pages, leaving you breathless in every chapter…This book is founded on heavy research, historical fact, and the truth of God’s Word.”

15.  “This book is very well researched with a lot of quotes from key historical figures so you can hear people in their own words. Once you pick it up you will have a hard time putting it down. Prepare to be appalled at how far we’ve moved as a nation away from the vision of our founding fathers & the Constitution.”

16.  “This book is a must read for every Christian, voter, parent, educator, college student, teenager, young adult, etc. While I have been aware of many of the facts in this book throughout the course of my life, I have never seen them all researched to this depth and connected as the author has connected them in this book. This book is about far more than the Blotting Out of God in America – it goes deeper than that as to who and what is behind that agenda, how America is being attacked from without and within, and many facts about Planned Parenthood, the NEA, the media, President Obama, and the liberal socialist agenda now gaining such a strong foot hold in this country. It is very eye opening, and at times very alarming to see the timeline of how America has been changed bit by bit in an effort to destroy the very things our founding fathers held in such high esteem.

It also is a very honest assessment of the church in America and how it has continued to compromise with culture rather than stand firm in the truth of the Gospel.  Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. I was convicted, concerned, and awakened from my own complacency on some issues in our culture. I am also motivated to continue to fight the good fight and relieved to know I’m not alone in my concern and outrage about the lack of truth and fairness in today’s media. Very timely – and I encourage people to read it before voting in the 2012 elections. I also encourage folks to share copies with their churches and Pastors and have honest discussions about apathy and yes, apostasy in the church. The author is very effective at quoting scripture throughout the book in places where it helps the truth to shine through. Kudos to David Fiorazo for having the courage to write this book!”

17.  “All I can say is “wow”. This is a must read! David Fiorazo does a thorough job of illustrating the present state of America, and the steady elimination of God from our mainstream values. In the spirit of tolerance and due to liberal media bias, the country is on a course very different from our roots. I found the book to be very interesting and it left me wanting more.”

18.  “As I read through the book, I found much of his research in depth, and his passion to share this is equal to the work and sacrifice he put into this book. From the basic foundation of America and Christianity, to the roots placed against the church and politics, David shares his concerns and the destruction of Judeo-Christian principles now being displaced in America today. Through his effort, his desire is through this book to reach out to draw America, and the church, back to the foundations that made her strong, and his heart to see her blessed by God once again. I have also learned greatly from research and fruit through this effort in “Eradicate.” I personally believe you will enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed reading this for this season.”

19.  “David Fiorazo’s book Eradicate is a fascinating and engaging walk through history that visually depicts the exact timeline of the moral, social, spiritual, and political decay America has experienced. Dave sincerely wants others to discover where the bleeding began. His passion to share the truth spills out onto the pages, leaving you breathless in every chapter. God’s call on his life must be to help free others from lies and pain, because his intense plea to share what’s true and real is evident on every page.
This book is founded on heavy research, historical fact, and the truth of God’s Word. There is only one Truth, and Truth cuts deep. In the age of a political correctness that dilutes the essential fabrics of our lives, I love that David stood with courage and shared hard truths that we all need to hear and act on. If you want a trustworthy education on the founding of America, the NEA’s hidden intentions, what the Real War on Women and Minorities is, the true character and thinking of Politicians, the tactics Media uses to distort our minds and our children, how to combat the attacks and take a stand, then this book is for you! It is a must read.”

20.  “The hard-hitting facts of this book will rend your heart and open your spiritual eyes. The enemy of our soul has been trying to kill, steal and destroy us since the beginning of time and his tactics are often subtle. Fiorazo has given us clear facts on how the enemy uses people to further his agenda … to remove God out of everything we hold dear. People aren’t the enemy, satan is, and that point is firmly established throughout the book. This country is in turmoil which is laid out here, but the book always points to Jesus Christ as our only hope and source of truth. Eradicate shows why it’s so critical for Christians to understand the times we live in. With a strong sense of urgency, I recommend you read it.”

21.  What this book is:
This book is full of facts and descriptions. There is a lot of history presented that ties how we are where we are as a Christian nation. It really is a history lesson for Christians with encouragement and guidance of where to go from here. It is also a call to apathetic Christians to wake up and think about their behavior. Are we truly living a Christian life? Our culture has definitely changed over the past 50 years, this book points out how it changed and how blotting out God in this country contributed to moral decay. The other subjects addressed in this book is the American Christian heritage. Were our founders really Christians? What did they mean by the 1st Amendment? Did the founders want God to be eradicated from our culture? Well, today our gov’t treats the 1st Amendment as though it says “no one has the freedom to mention God, unless we approve of it” instead of “everyone has the freedom worship anywhere, anytime.”
What this book is NOT:
This book is not the Holy Bible or the Word of God. I’ve noticed reviews saying this book is too harsh. The author is interpreting scripture the same as you. Many of Jesus’ words were HARSH. Read the scriptures the author uses throughout the book. Discern for yourself whether he uses them properly.
This book was well researched and well thought out. Is there a possibility that you may be offended by some of the messages and warnings? Absolutely. Jesus’ message offended people as well, He offended the religious people more than non-religious, actually. If you want a Christian perspective to American history, buy this book. If you want a “feel good” and “peace and love” message, be prepared to be shaken up.”

22.  “Eradicate opened my eyes to the moral decline in America and how we as Americans have been desensitized to it. It opened my eyes to how bad the NEA, Planned Parenthood, the Obama Administration, and the media really are. Did you know that there is an abortion happening every 96 seconds? Or how about that separation of church and state isn’t mentioned in the US Constitution? I didn’t know these things until I read Eradicate. So many Christians are getting confused between right and wrong, and unknowingly support anti-Christian agendas. I don’t want to be one of them!”

23.  “I ordered this book after the author had been in my home town and did a book signing at the local book store…  The book definitely makes you think about this country and the direction it is headed. Many people will read the book and say it isn’t possible for this [God to be blotted out] to happen, but it is right under our noses. Years ago a high school friend stated this country started going down hill when they took God out of the schools, and after reading this book he is right on the money with that statement… Anyone who cares about this country and wants to continue what the founding fathers started should read the book.”

24.  “David Fiorazo is accurate in describing what is happening behind the scenes in the US today. This is an eye-opening book and easy to read. A good reference and explanation to the way things are and what needs to be changed.”

25.  “Mr. Fiorazo is fearless in exposing over a dozen ways God is being blotted out in America. In this excellent work, David calmly cuts right to the chase: God or Man? Quotes from the Bible and America’s Founding Fathers are effectively juxtaposed with today’s leading liberals. This text should be used in today’s classroom. In fact, it already is with great effect at […]. I highly recommend this book and encourage you to read it. God Bless!”

26.  “Only the lazy, complacent, and apathetic American have no need to read this book. All others will find a valuable and unmeasurable treasure which will hopefully not only stimulate their hearts, but permit them to see what secularism and relativism is doing to this country. Believe me, erosion is slow and invisible to the naked eye. But left unchecked, it will eat up more real estate than one may have wished to permit.”

27.  “This thick book is something I have long wanted. A 101 course on the agenda to remove God from America. Eradicate is a fascinating and revealing compilation of quotes and facts and explanations of historical and modern figures and their attacks on American’s Christianity.

There are many people who have hated Christianity, and their agendas are diverse. From Communism, to Darwinism, to the Occupy Wall Street movement, to Islam, to New Age Spirituality, there is a blend of religious and political ideologies competing with Christianity. Only one is TrueTruth, as Francis Schaeffer said, and they cannot coexist, logically or practically. Only one can survive the death grapple.

All these rival worldviews are ultimately attacks on God’s Word. The war these days is often a war of words and ideas, persuasive propaganda. We absorb these ideas through the liberal dominated media, the biased educational system (essentially indoctrination in a twelve year minimum program), and perverse entertainment (What you laugh at, you won’t condemn.)

The pen is truly mightier than the sword, and ideas are more dangerous than armed revolutionaries. Communist ideas in our colleges pose a greater threat than a communist attack on our campuses. These ideas can come to live in a students mind and become their own. Then the student will act upon them willingly. When we accept an idea we make it a belief, a conviction, meshing it with our own worldview. Eventually, it becomes a presupposition, fully accepted as part of our mental fabric. Soon we use these presuppositions to filter new ideas that we are exposed to.

As Christians, we are commanded to filter all things through Christ, taking every thought captive to Him and Him alone. We cannot do this if we have accepted rival, anti-Christ ideas. There are several questions to ask yourself as you think about an idea. Who gave this idea to me? What was their agenda? Why do I defend this idea so zealously? To answer these questions you will need to be a student of history, a discerner of character, and a seeker of Truth in the Scriptures.

Knowledge of God’s words and ways will be the lamp unto our feet and the light unto our path. Our lack of basic Scriptural knowledge has led to much of America’s slide into immorality. We have politicians professing Christ and being voted into office despite their support of homosexual unions and the murder of the pre-born in abortions. The Christian voters have been deceived, and if they mention the lack of godly fruit and evidence of sin in the candidate they are told they are judging.

The only way we will not accept lies is if we have stocked our minds and hearts with truth. We must study our Bibles every day, praying to know more, more truth and more love, praying that the Gospel will convert men and women. The Gospel alone will truly change our nation, letting people see the Truth. And we who profess to know the Truth must look into our own hearts and see where we need to repent.

The most powerful culture shaper that cannot ever be overlooked is our testimony as Christians. Our presence as Christians is the salt and light in this nation. How “salty and bright” are we? God is bringing revival to many Churches. People are seeking to be captive to Scripture alone. Families are seeking God together. Pastors are striving to shepherd well. And by God’s Grace many are.

Other pastors are combining Christianity with false religions, such as Islam, creating “Chris-lam.” A look at Islamic countries will show us what we do not want to become. Flirting with false religion is no way to shepherd your flock. There is no time to let our guard down. Weak preaching and false theology will produce unregenerate pew sitters with flimsy morality. This will enslave us to our lusts instead of helping us crucify them, which will eventually enslave us under a corrupt government. As Os Guinness said, (paraphrased) “A free people must be a virtuous people, a virtuous people must be a faithful people, and a faithful people must be a free people.”
Several “churches” in America have been known to preach a much softened message, a message with no true grace in it, and no forgiveness, only promises of hope that life will look up and prosperity will come. We are exporting prosperity theology and its ramifications to other countries, not thinking about how it is hurting us in America.

We need to study politics and history, and see how far we have fallen, and who helped push us. Do you know what John Dewey hoped the government school would accomplish? Do you know who Saul Alinsky was? Do you know who Alfred Kinsley was?

This book includes a timeline of the Last Fifty Years in America, from 1962 to 2012. This timeline is worth reading, whether you lived during this time or not. Most of the issues in our world today grew from tiny seed that we did not notice then. It is almost unbelievable how much garbage people accept today that would have drawn a protest not so long ago. The water is growing warmer around the frog and he doen’t have a clue he’s slowly cooking. Let this book wake you up. Watch some of the films mentioned in this book, such as Agenda, Indoctrination, and Monumental. Read lots of books. Be educated. Be shocked by the sinfulness we have accepted in America. Be shocked by the hideous roots of movements that we live with daily. Read Eradicate. This book will be taking its place in my library.”

28.  “Eradicate, Blotting out God in America is a must read for any serious Christian out there. This book is very well researched, and gets to the decline in our society today. Socialism doesn’t work and Fiorazo points that out in this fabulous book!!! When people turn away from God, they reap what they sow. He points out the false preachers in the Emergent church, and all the bias in the news media. What really struck me is the chapter on the Margaret Sanger the mother of Planned Parenthood. It really opened my eyes that she was an atheist and a proponent of eugenics. This is a must read book!!!!”

29.  “I have wept much while reading David’s work. He painstakingly researched the truth of how our culture has been desensitized and programmed into a state of apathy. Shamefully the church has sat back and let it happen. I have yet to find a church that preaches the True Gospel instead of a social justice gospel or youth programs without rock concerts and magicians. If the church is going to look like the world we have little hope of standing up to the agenda of the Enemy. Forgive us Father! Pray! Thank you David for taking a stand and for being a trumpet for the Lord!”

30.  The BEST book I have ever read!! The truth spoken so very well! I also wish I was able to put this book into the hands of EVERY person I know and those I don’t!! It’s time for this world to wake up now and come to the Lord! Fiorazo tells it absolutely as it is! REPENT of your sins NOW or spend eternity with the evil one! A MUST READ book!

31.  “I thought this was a great book. These are thoughts that concern me. So glad people are writing this kind of stuff instead of just allowing all of this stuff to go on without a word. Thank you so much. I myself say stuff here and there regarding it. But I feel so alone.”

32.  “Eradicate: Blotting Out God In America by David Fiorazo is a hard hitting book examining the catalysts in our cultural decline… He dissects the reasons approximately 50 million Americans claiming to be born again appear to have little impact on society…  This book is historical in nature, with its concentration of study on the past fifty years; parents are warned that “if you are not educating your children, the world will gladly ‘program’ them for you.” He shared his view that parents and the church should be doing a better job of educating and arming the body of Christ to have the boldness of the early followers of Christ.  I also agree that the media has influenced our belief system,  causing Americans to become very gullible…

Eradicate provoked these thoughts: The answer to America’s societal decline does not begin in the media, or the school, or in Washington D.C., but in those who give their heart, mind, and life to following Jesus. As followers of Jesus, is our goal to win America or to win those who do not know Christ? I recommend this book to those who are interested in a detailed study of the moral decline of America.  It will encourage the reader to be alert and proactive in recognizing those daily influences that are weakening Christian’s influence in America.

33.  “It burdens me to see the deception that is occurring and how so many really don’t see it… Your book puts into words the thoughts that run rampantly in my mind when I see all that is going on and I try to digest it and then share it with others. I will be buying several copies to give out. Two to those, pastors! Thanks again for your hard work researching and writing your book.”

34.  “I actually took pages and pages of notes on this book. I was in total awe of what I thought I knew, but didn’t really know much about at all… [ERADICATE] is well written and hard hitting. It is easy to read and keeps you captivated… Some questions I often wonder is why do we learn things about people, musicians, Hollywood, etc. but continue to watch them, listen to them, give money to them, shop at establishments that are anti-Christian… Do you want to keep sitting on the sidelines in Lala Land? I don’t. This book has renewed my passion for some things and its time I started getting proactive in my beliefs again… You should give a copy of this book to your “sleeping Christian friends” and …go ahead and get one for your pastor; you really have to read this book 🙂 It is at the top of my favorites now, in the top 3.

35.  “I finished Eradicate just a few minutes ago & had to take a moment to say thank you for writing it. I plan to buy a hard copy (I have the Kindle version) to share with those who are not likely to pursue reading it on their own. I look forward to promoting it to saved & unsaved family & friends!” (4-28-13)

36.  “I got this book on my Kindle and am 53% through the book. I have wept, repented and prayed for The Church’s response or the lack thereof of the way in which we have voted for and placed in office those that are stealing from us without us knowing until it is too late. I believe we have become an apathetic church. We do believe our voice doesn’t matter. It is time to speak up for the foundational Biblical beliefs and not be afraid to preach the TRUTH of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When did the Scriptures stop being enough for the Church? Few Sunday morning gatherings are Scripture focused allowing the Holy Spirit to bring sinners to repentance through our obedience to God.

37. THIS BOOK WILL PIERCE YOUR HEART! I applaud David for his research in writing a book of such depth and truth. We must all stand for Christ or we will fall for anything (as is obvious when looking back and seeing how far we have fallen!). May God add His blessings upon this courageous work. May the trumpet which sounds in this book calling our attention to the real issues and get louder as we realize just how complacent we have become in buying the bill of goods Satan has sold to us. Bless you David! I will be buying more books to share with Pastors and leadership! THANK YOU!”  3-15-13

38.  “Aside from the Gospel – there is no power to affect this world or it’s people. This is what brings glory to the Father…when in obedience to Him, we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to passionately and deliberately share the saving grace of Jesus! That was the call of this book! I pray that through this book…we might accept the challenge of the author to recognize our condition and that of the world…moving us into action that starts with fervent prayers to be the salt, light, witnesses, ambassadors, soldiers and servants that the Christ life commands.”

39. “Wow! Chapter 10, ‘It Could Never Happen In America’ should be required reading for EVERY American. It covers the history on all the key communist & socialist players, as well as the late stage of their plan to overthrow America from within. The board is set and we’re at check.”

40.  “If this doesn’t wake us up nothing will! Excellent and scary. Well documented, challenging and eye opening. I’ll share this book with as many people as I can.”

41.  “Over the last thirty years I have watched so many of the blessed freedoms, the treasures that America has enjoyed, be attacked and whittled away. I have read several good books about many subjects in this realm. This book [Eradicate] puts most of the major and important ones together. Statistics, quotes and the whole truth. This book should be required for every American to read.”

42.  “The world needs more Christians to stand up and speak out and I pray and encourage you to continue. I just finished your book, ‘Eradicate, Blotting Out God in America,’ and I feel it is a ‘must read’ for all Christians. We have to continue to wake up to the evil that is upon us and refuse to be silent no more before the America we all knew is no more. Thanks for such an uplifting and heartfelt book that speaks the truth!”

43.  “This is the best book I have GOTTEN MY HANDS ON this year….. eye opening on all the important PATRIOTIC ISSUES! Fellow Patriots, Christians, and anyone else who just wants some answers….. BUY THIS BOOK!”

44.  “I’ve read your book; parts of it several times and it is, along side of the Bible, the BEST book I’ve EVER read!!”

45.  “David, I never heard of you prior to reading your book. Now I consider you to be one of the men God will raise up in these last days. The church and our country need more men like you to lead the fight for biblical truth. I have read hundreds of books on various subjects, theology, apologetics, cults, culture, etc. I consider myself a conservative Evangelical Christian, your book was right on and the church needs to hear the things you have to say. I can’t remember the last time I read a book and agreed with everything I read, that’s scary. Anyway just wanted to thank you for such an informative book and the way you present the truth of the Gospel. God bless you, and please keep writing; the church needs your God given talents and America needs to wake up!”

46.  “Worth reading but prepare to be upset at truth spoken here. It is NOT pretty, it is sobering. We really need a major wake-up call today as true believers in an all powerful all knowing GOD.”

47.  “Every Christian should read this book—eye opening! Well-researched. A page turner.”

48. David Fiorazo’s ‘Eradicate: Blotting Out God in America,’ has managed to accomplish what takes generations for many books to do: achieve relevance for such a chiseled in ink work long before critiques have corroborated its credibility. Exhaustive research is the support from which reputable instruction is taught, and that is the case with Mr. Fiorazo’s enjoyably current account of postmodern America.

Federal, state, and local offshoots of all three branches of government have stretched far-reaching restraints of red tape and gag orders over freedoms of speech and religious liberties in the progressive infiltration of a society where nothing is sacred in our publicized private lives. Separation of Church and State appears to be a one-sided wall of double standards. Education has dumbed down higher learning in restructuring honored institutions into indoctrination centers for rotten-to-the Common Core disinformation. The final frontier of Christianity has compromised holy for stomping ground as the outer fringe has overrun the inner sanctum. With ‘Eradicate,’ Fiorazo has nailed his challenge to the heretical Emergent Church door.

The culture wars have us surrounded on every side of our comfort zones. But this tour de force of literary expertise turns sighs of desperation into calls to action. Knowledge is power only when wielded wisely; it’s the difference between knowing and doing something about it. The truth only hurts this side of freedom, as it is closer than the lengths men go to in denying it. ‘Eradicate’ is textbook reference of the highest professional publication. Awareness isn’t just a novel idea; it’s a factual necessity in answer to a higher calling. This is not only a keeper; it’s a book that you will want to give. You will indeed feel as though you are already making a difference in the actual purchase itself. Rise to the occasion.

49.  This is a great book I am still enjoying. Everyone would do well to order a copy. It’s one of the best books I have ever laid my eyes upon.”

50.  “Bought ERADICATE last night for our kindle! Watched your book promo video tonight and thought it was the best message, or sermon, I have heard in a while. Everything this nation, and its Christians, need to hear! We had the t.v. on for an hour the other night and couldn’t believe what was allowed between 8pm & 9pm these days! Things are getting worse very fast. Thank you for being a leader in this battle for our nation’s soul! Keep up the Good Fight! God bless you and use you!”

51.  “I enjoyed Eradicate very much. The amount of research you did was incredible. The history, the background was fascinating. I have passed the website link on to several friends. I plan on reading it again to refresh and pick up on any facts I may have missed. Great job & well done!!”

52.  “Thanks for writing this book! I really loved it. I thought you did an excellent job at backing up all your statements with solid research. I found myself not being able to put it down so I blame you for my loss of some sleep! It is very eye-opening and it magnifies the importance of ALL believers to be praying for this country and to be sharing the Gospel with anyone who can steam up a mirror by breathing!”

53.  “This is one of two books I read in the last month on my kindle that I then purchased in paperback to loan out to friends and family. I am interested in history and this book has excellent documentation on the history of our country and how far we have gone from the intent of the founding fathers. It is also current as it was written just prior to the 2012 election. I was constantly reading parts of the book aloud to my husband and sons as I read it. I highly recommend it to everyone.”

54.  “I finished the book last week. I really loved it. I thought you did an excellent job at backing up all your statements with solid research. It is a scary world out there. Thank God He is there to be our lamp to light the path.”

55.  “I just heard about David and he works in the city where I live! It is no longer possible for Christians to be passive about what is happening in our world. His research and method of presenting fact is so inspiring. We need to stand strong and defend Christianity. This is a great read!”

56.  “I read this book with only one expectation to be moved and I was! I prayed that God would use it in my life and in His Church to awaken us to an understanding of His instructions for such a time as this, and I was blown away.I received a free copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for a fair review of the book. Even though I was reading to write a review I was anticipating reading. Fiorazo highlighted research that exposed facts about the level of depravity in the world, which has for the most part gone unnoticed by the masses. My experience when reading this book, included a mixture of responses such as…intrigue, surprise, fascination, mourning, deep sadness and yet also – a stirring of compassion for those who are lost in the bondage of the evil described. This is a keeper! Do read today!”

57. “Two thumbs up to David Fiorazo for tackling some hard topics with this book. The attention to detail is amazing, but its not just hearsay–everything is referenced and fact-checked. It’ll ruffle the feathers of the liberals and progressives, but its high time they were called out on the issues of today. Its clear that alot of thought and time went into this project. David is a man after God’s own heart–you won’t be disappointed reading this if you want clear, Bible-driven truth…

58.  “Hold on to your seats Christians! Author David Fiorazo has written a timely, intriguing, energizing and quite transparent book about God being removed from our culture. This Holy Spirit-inspired anointed work was exactly what I needed to kick me out of the complacency which I had not realized until reading this book had crept into my Christian lifestyle.

Of course we hear of false teachers in the “last days” and we take in tidbits of this and that about teachers that we had once idolized in our Christian walk whom are now falling away. But we still buy the slightly controversial (watered-down feel good Christianity) books, cd’s and tune in every now and then on the radio and tv and often actually feel comforted by the casualness Christianity has become in our culture.

However, after reading Eradicate (the most challenging chapters which were Chapters 12 & 13), I am emboldened to look around and realize that the heat has been turned up on the proverbial “pot” of simmering water. Thanks to Eradicate, this toad is jumping out now because I know I am in a bit of hot water even though my comfort zone of Christianity had been telling me otherwise ’til now!

I recommend everyone who picks up this book read the Intro. Powerful! Also, I appreciated the footnotes, Scripture and excellent references throughout. Being a fan of Bonhoeffer, I appreciated the quote, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak; not to act is to act.” Another quote which I did not note its origin (read the book!), “Too many believers are rolling over and hitting the snooze button.” Page 36 was eye opening with its explanation of the true meaning of church and state as the original framers intended. Boy! the President, Judges, Congress and Senate need to read every word of Chapter 2!

I recommend Eradicate for everyone who is looking to be the best they can be in these last (evil) days. If you are a true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, you need this book. We must not be deceived. This book offers many nuggets of wisdom and weapons for your arsenal – more than I can mention in this brief review. Buy a copy today. You will read it in one sitting. It is that energizing and (spoiler) convicting. You will never be the same.”

*For a much shorter list of comments and ‘blurbs’, click here for What They’re Saying About Eradicate: – just highlights

The Cost of our Silence


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