Hollywood: Punish Supporters of Natural Marriage

Like many other powerful celebrities in Hollywood, the producer behind Glee, American Horror Story, and transgender hit, Pose, has openly declared war on those who support traditional marriage. Producer, Ryan Murphy not only referred to Republican politicians as hateful, but also labeled as bigots those who believe the Bible and support religious freedom.

Murphy gained even more approval from Hollywood elites and activists by casting five transgender characters in the 2018 FX series, Pose. It’s not surprising most Christians have either not heard of these shows or have never watched them. Like much of prime time television today, only you can prevent soul pollution. 

But let’s not be naive about the culture war that has been going on for over fifty years. The left has made tremendous strides in the marketing of evil and have gained massive influence. The nation’s moral decline began gradually and covertly, but now it has been advancing at breakneck speed. (If only we could ask our great grandparents!) Starting with the sexual revolution and then the normalization of homosexuality, LGBTQ allies are not only open about their behavior but are openly speaking out against Americans who have traditional views on marriage, family, and morality.   

Producer Ryan Murphy recently gave a politically-charged address at a pro-LGBT gala in Los Angeles, and check out this twist: conservative politicians are wrong for polluting the morals of the LGBTQ movement. He said that his new multi-million dollar organization will “target anti-LGBTQ candidates running for office.”

Due to what he considers rampant discrimination, he suggested targeting those he considers who are causing the problem. Who does this include?

“The homophobes, the trans naysayers and the small, restricted and dangerous minds who are causing so many young people to needlessly hate themselves and doubt themselves in our country;”

He also plans to target twenty Republicans including Senator Mike Lee. Lee introduced a religious freedom bill designed to protect Americans who simply believe marriage is between one man and one woman, and don’t want men to use women’s restrooms. Implying that Lee is responsible for the deaths of young LGBTQ individuals, Murphy warned:

“Mr. Lee is a future leader of the GOP who just committed himself to the bad old days by introducing what has been called ‘the vilest, anti-LGBTQ religious freedom bill of our time,’ so we want to say we see you, Mike Lee; …You cannot keep killing our vulnerable young people by promoting and nationalizing your rural, close-minded anti-constitutional viewpoints.”

Translation: if you live in rural areas outside of big liberal cities and support the First and Second Amendments, people like Murphy think church-going Americans are wicked people who must be silenced.

Murphy is not alone and there are countless examples of millionaires spending massive amounts of money to bully and badger people of faith.

Just two years ago, then Vice President, Joe Biden confirmed marching orders to LGBTQ allies in New York. Slamming his fist on the podium – a podium displaying the presidential seal – Biden declared: “Now is not the time to go sit on the sidelines; We need to push – and push hard.”

Who is Tim Gill? 

He’s a software programmer who has a network of LGBTQ advocacy groups including the Gill Foundation he started in 1994, and has committed $500 million to fight religious liberty bills across the nation. In an article referring to Vice President Mike Pence as the arch-nemesis of the LGBTQ movement. Rolling Stone fawned over Gill and stated:

Tim Gill’s fingerprints are on nearly every major victory in the march to marriage, from the 2003 Goodridge v. Dept. of Public Health case, which made Massachusetts the first state to allow same-sex marriage, to the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges decision two decades later that legalized it in all 50. 

A major donor of many LGBTQ campaigns, Gill knew his political efforts wouldn’t succeed if opponents connected “Gill Action” directly to the money. Stealth was key. The article explains that anyone who bothered to look in a Democrat candidate’s campaign filings would find an oddly large number of donations from Malibu, Denver and New York for a state Senate race in Iowa, for example. 

Gill’s team operated under incredible secrecy, avoided the media, and guarding its playbook. Going back to 2006, its first election year, Gill Action defeated 50 of the 70 candidates it targeted. 

Tim Gill has worked to promote gay marriage and to silence political opposition trickling down to Christian business owners including bakers, photographers, florists, and wedding planners. He said the left has been fighting since the sixties and the religious right has  lost the marriage issue. He openly admits nondiscrimination is the new front of the movement. 

But wait a minute. Aren’t we all supposed be be tolerant – and just ‘live and let live’? 

Author and radio host, Peter Heck, insists Bible-believing Christians and progress-seeking homosexuals can no longer live in the same culture where there is such a sharp public disagreement about sin. One leader in the gay and lesbian movement stressed the goal of “pushing the parameters of sex while transforming the very fabric of society.” Heck clarified:

They know the success of their cause depends upon the total abolishment of the Judeo-Christian ethic and the Moral Authority it teaches.That’s why any belief that the homosexual lobby is merely a passive group of individuals wanting to peacefully coexist with others who have different beliefs and values is naively absurd.

More than any other activist in the nation, Gill has methodically poured $422 million of his fortune into the cause of so-called “equal rights” for the LGBTQ community. He literally said, “We’re going to punish the wicked.”

Don’t misunderstand. By wicked, they mean politicians and anyone else who disagrees with them or believes in Jesus and His definition of marriage between one man and one woman. Traditional family values – biblical values are now “wicked.”

The Bible teaches about this reversal of values. Isaiah 5:20 is one warning to people who distort the truth of God:

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;

Many in the corporate world as well as Hollywood, including Tim Gill and Ryan Murphy, falsely claim that conservative politicians and Christians are imposing their ethics on America. Trying to live in peace and be a positive, moral influence is much different than forcing beliefs on others. Gill also said regardless of who’s president, activists have to “continue to fight and use whatever tools we have to make as much progress as we can.”

My question for Christians is this: are you prepared to use “whatever tools” you have to defend the truth, proclaim the gospel, and “make as much progress” as possible for the kingdom of God? (To be “salt and light”) Or have you been too busy and distracted, oblivious to the culture war? Is it too much of a sacrifice for us to stand for Jesus Christ?

We might relate to a scene from the Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers, in which an army of tens of thousands of orcs were marching toward Rohan. Concerned about his people and unwilling to face the enemy head on, King Theodan said, “I will not risk open war.” Aragorn wisely declared,

“Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not.”

The lines have been drawn and the battle is out in the open, friends.

Though the past silence of Christians is one of the reasons we’ve declined to where we are today, let’s regroup, persevere and keep our eyes on the prize. The spiritual warfare will intensify, but we have an upward call from God to put on His armor and stand against evil (Ephesians 6:10-17), and our allegiance must be to Him. 

*originally published by Freedom Project Media

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